myEXPO allows you to create and manage your exhibitions while benefiting from a complete array of services in order to assist you efficiently in all your projects.


Hotline: attentiveness and reactivity

Always available via the hotline and the project management tool, our team guides users through every steps and maintains a strong relationship with each partner. With the hotline you will have a chosen intermediary dedicated to your project, with a perfect knowledge of the applications and of your needs. The reactive engineer team offers technical solutions when needed.

Training and support

Training on site, outside or online, in small groups, with an adapted and personalized content, user guide... Tools that enable each users to acquire a knowledge of the application, and to work autonomously on their projects. Training are led by an adapted team, documentary engineers, their knowledge of the application is at the center of their profession.

High-end hosting

External hosting enables you to enjoy full-web advantages without the management issues: installation, server management and daily data back-up are all handled by our teams who offer solutions and maximized hardware architecture depending on the memory, power and network needed by our application system and by the client context.

Optimum security

The technical team runs daily and weekly incremental back ups on different servers, and provides you with the data to run an internal back up if needed. The application has optimum security thanks to different processes, encrypted passwords or an extremely safe architecture.

Scalable maintenance

The technical team handles a global maintenance, whether it is corrective, preventive, or even under operational conditions. Scalable maintenance guarantees that the application will automatically be updated to the latest version. The research laboratory shares their expertise to enable all users to enjoy the latest advances and the most recent versions of the application.