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myEXPO is the exhibition management software specifically designed for museums, libraries, archive centers and all exhibition venues.


It is a new, web-based, user-friendly software enabling cultural institutions to easily create and optimize the organisation of their exhibitions through a very simple interface similar to traditional web browsers.


- it covers every step of the exhibition management process: description of the exhibition's theme, artworks selection and reservation, artworks availability management, creation of documents (loan agreements, list of artworks, barcodes...), artworks transportation management (location tracking, movements management, condition reports, protections...), tasks management (creation of artwork labels...)

- It memorizes all information on past events so they can be accessed anytime: past, current and future exhibitions, objects, transfers, tasks, condition reports, administrative procedures, linked media, pictures, videos, sounds, PDF files...

- As an efficient collaborative work tool, it also enables all team members (including service providers) attached to a project to better coordonate their work: curators, exhibition managers, transporters, conveyors, insurers, lenders, borrowers, restorers, set designers, photographers, communicators, administrators... They can all have a personalized access to the software depending on their authorization level.


myEXPO is a complete software featuring advanced functionalities dedicated to help exhibition venues manage their projects in the most efficient way.

Partners and Events NEWS Partners and Events

  • Presentation of myEXPO at the 2018 SITEM in Paris

    Our team will be happy to welcome you at the Cité de la mode et du design in Paris (Booth C21) and present you our latest innovations in collections management and publication... including myEXPO, the state-of-the-art exhibition management solution.

    A workshop will also take place on the first day of the show at 3:15 pm (Austerlitz Room) dealing with an important project which is currently carried out by SKINsoft:

    "Managing complex physical and digital collections: the case of the Cinémathèque suisse".

    This workshop will be presented in French by Nadia ROCH, in charge of the Non-Film Department at the Cinémathèque suisse, as well as Geoffroy RIGOULOT, C.E.O. of SKINsoft.


  • The Louvre-Lens chooses myEXPO

    Knowned as the "Second Louvre", the Louvre-Lens has rapidly growned into one of the most visited museums in France.

    This major structure borrows every year numerous artworks from the collections of its famous Parisian neighbor, in order to set up permanent and semi-permanent exhibitions.

    Its activity, primarily based on project management, thus required the implementation of a powerful, state-of-the-art solution, capable of managing different types of events such as exhibitions and loans, as well as regular movements of objects.

    SKINsoft has offered a solution which was specifically designed for this kind of structure: myEXPO, an innovative and 100% autonomous application dedicated to the management of collections and exhibitions.

    Entirely web-based, the software features all the necessary tools for managing thoroughly - and very easily - every single aspect of each exhibitions set up every year, with a very advanced movements management module... as well as all the advantages of the SKINsoft application suite: easy to use, complete, ergonomic...

  • The latest generation of archive and digital asset management solution

    Today, saving, documenting and sharing the digital heritage of an institution is an active preservation process which both protects and highlights our heritage... Yesterday, we focused on organizing and preserving physical collections... Digital collection management is now the logical next step. And any person in charge of managing a collection has faced this twofold problem: digitally managing both physical and digital collections, and every digital document attached to these collections.

    But this ambition is not limited to data storage. Intellectual and physical descriptions of objects, conservation methods, movement management, locating, indexing... These functionalities are shared between collection managers in a collaborative and controlled way, which implies a specific approach according to the type of collection managed... With notably a quick access to documents, publication (online access, sharing and consultation)... and as a background, the necessary aspect of copyright management related to the artworks publication...

    The digital object then introduces new perspectives regarding usage. SKINsoft research and development laboratory understood it very early, and installed a powerful digital data and media management module within their softwares, 10 years ago: SKINdam. Today, thanks to numerous collaborations with institutions managing multifaceted collections, museums, libraries, archives, multimedia libraries, film libraries, companies, private sectors... it features professional processes dedicated to digital collections.

    Transcoding, digital watermarking, 2d or 3d file resizing, video, audio, storage servers, LTO magnetic tape storage... SKINsoft knows all the different shapes that collections can take, and its tools are designed to preserve and manage them.

    The subject evolves very quickly, as well as the file formats. The vocabulary itself is to be reinvented... the words “media”, “archives”, “digital objects” are used to qualify a variety of very different objects: films, audio recordings, literary works, photographies, technical or administrative documents... standardized files for 2d and 3d documents, or images and sounds sequences..., IT files with different origins, linked to external applications... etc.

    Today, the kind of institution that manages the widest range of digital objects - the most pertinent laboratory - is probably the film library, which includes both physical and digital objects, as well as diverse collections: projectionist equipments, photographic film, video films, contemporary (digital) films in DCP, DPX..., physical and digital library work..., historical archives..., photography collections... etc. SKINsoft has a strong expertise and collaborates with the Swiss Film Archive, one of the largest film libraries in the world... A very important historical collection, which is enriched everyday... today mostly with digital data! This savoir-faire developed through experiences means that SKINsoft has the solution to all kinds of issues regarding archiving and digital collection management, whether they are simple or complex.

    The functional module SKINdam enables users to document and manage all digital media, regardless of their format. Designed to meet the needs of companies and institutions, SKINdam facilitates shared access to media, while guaranteeing longevity. This module is autonomous and is included in all the applications developed by SKINsoft.

  • SKINsoft solutions installed in 25 institutions / 150 users at the French Ministry of the Armies

    The ARCHANGE Project aimed at:

    - implementing a collections management solution for 25 museums/institutions of the French Ministry of the Armies,

    - installing an discussion collaborative platform for all the museums including public institutions such as the Musée de l'Armée, the Musée de la Marine Natiobnale and the Musée de l'Espace,

    - and, last but not least, federating the collections of the Ministry in a dedicated tool accessible by the administrators, and offering a global overview of the collections.

    For this major project, SKINsoft has offered its full-web, powerful yet easy-to-use collection management system S-MUSEUM, which allows to gather the collections of the 25 museums of the Ministry of the Armies, each institution having access to its own collections. This application is also used to federate the collections of both the museums and the Ministry in one single administrative tool... An ideal solution to federate data which were scattered until then, manage the collections in a modern and efficient way, and make them interoperable.

  • Over 1 million entries shared on web portals created by SKINsoft

    For several years, SKINsoft has offered modern and innovative solutions to French and international cultural institutions allowing them to share and highlight their collections on the web.

    Using SKINweb, which can be combined with S-Museum, S-Collection or S-Archeo, users can easily export all or parts of their collections managed in their collection management system.

    On top of that, SKINsoft also brings a strong expertise for creating customized, modern web portals complying with all specific needs...

    This specific savoir-faire has been aknowledged by major cultural institutions such as the reknown Musée Rodin ( and which amounts to more than 1 million records shared in total!


    The following web portals have been created by SKINsoft (non-exhaustive list):

    - Musée Rodin (Rodin Museum, France):

    - Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Museum of Decorative Arts, France):

    - Fenimore Art Museum (USA):

    - Farmers' Museum (USA):


  • The Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN) has chosen the SKINsoft "savoir-faire" for its participative sciences project

    For more than 20 years, the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle has been fostering the development of participative sciences and sharing the scientific culture. Today, more than 100 partners are committed in the project "65 Millions d'observateurs" (65 million observers) which aims at creating a network of contributing citizens alongside scientists. The program requires innovative, connected, powerful, accessible, new tools capable of seducing a large public. Chosen to build the shared technical base, SKINsoft has implemented a solution which is interoperable with different websites, mobile applications etc... A tool dedicated to gathering data from different participative science projects, managing important data volumes, offering the opportunity to communicate them and extract them for scientific analysis, interpretations and re-use by other applications...

  • New workshops at the Musée des Arts décoratifs (Museum of Decorative Arts) in Paris


    Workshops are regularly organized at the Musée des arts décoratifs in Paris to present myEXPO, the autonomous exhibition management software.

    The next ones will take place on Thursday, March 30 and Tuesday, April 25. They will present in detail the many functionalities of this innovative tool, created specifically for cultural institutions, art festivals, biennales and all exhibition spaces: project management, object life management (movements tracking, transportation, insurances, restoration...), collaborative work, complete memorization of all information...

    myEXPO will be shown from 10 am to noon. We can also set up individual demonstrations at your convenience. Contact us at +33 (0)9 52 42 30 38 for more information.



  • myEXPO, towards an independent management of collections: back on the workshop at the SITEM trade show in Paris

    On the first day of the international trade show for museums, cultural sites and tourism, held at the Cité de la mode et du design from January 10 through 12, SKINsoft presented myEXPO, its autonomous exhibition management software in a public workshop.

    This presentation gave an overview of the application by dealing with its concept, its main features and the context of its development, and sharing the experience of Mrs. Erin Richardson, director of the collections of both museums of the New York State Historical Association, partners of SKINsoft and users of the application.

    The workshop highlighted the main characteristics of myEXPO: an autonomous, innovative, user-friendly application featuring complete functionalities, and conceived as a response to an emerging need for organization. Indeed the current time has been marked by the increased international mobility of artworks and the growing dynamism of exhibitions, and therefore requires now the creation of this kind of application. 

  • myEXPO at the Rodin Museum: users are convinced and happy!


    Dedicated to one of the most respected sculptors in history, and listed among today's most reputable French museums with more than 750,000 visitors every year, the Rodin Museum has recently chosen myEXPO to accompany its renovation.

    Located on two different sites, the Biron hotel in Paris and the Villa des Brillants in Meudon (southwest of Paris), the Rodin Museum has more than 40,000 objects in its collections and manages every year more than 1,500 movements as it loans many artists' works to international institutions. In order to coordonate both its internal and external activities, it was seeking to replace its management software with a much more modern and efficient application, able to track down and manage all the objects' movements and the many tasks associated to its projects.

    The features included in myEXPO, the autonomous exhibition management software, are perfectly adapted to major international museums, and thus fit all its needs and matched all its expectations (objects management, guarantee of security, thorough tracking etc.). The Rodin Museum was convinced and now uses this innovative solution on a daily basis!

    The museum is also equipped with another application developed by SKINsoft, dedicated to the publication of its collections on a Web portal accessible to the public and researchers (SKINweb).



  • myEXPO arrives in the US!


    The New York State Historical Association, a private organization founded at the end of the nineteeth century, has recently decided to turn to myEXPO, the autonomous exhibition management software in order to equip its establishments, the Fenimore Art Museum and the Farmers' Museum.

    Located on the shores of the Otsego Lake in Cooperstown New York, the Fenimore Art Museum is dedicated to both American and Native American cultures and hosts exhibitions on various topics. Among all the collections displayed are renowned artworks including Eel Spearing at Setauket by William Sidney Mount, considered as one of the best American paintings ever made. Other artists like Gilbert Stuart, Eastman Johnson and Thomas Cole are also presented in the museum collections.

    The Farmers' Museum was open in 1944, and shows the rural heritage which built the American land, communities and culture. Today it has more than 23,000 artefacts in its collections.

    As it frequently manages traveling exhibitions, coming sometimes from other American institutions, the New York State Historical Association was searching for a management software capable of organising efficiently and easily all aspects of every new project. As a result, myEXPO and its special features, along with its ergonomic and easy-to-use interface, turned out to be the best solution.

    The New York State Historical Association is now convinced and paves the way for the development of myEXPO in the United States.


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Technical assistance SERVICES Technical assistance


myEXPO allows you to create and manage your exhibitions while benefiting from a complete array of services in order to assist you efficiently in all your projects.


Hotline: attentiveness and reactivity

Always available via the hotline and the project management tool, our team guides users through every steps and maintains a strong relationship with each partner. With the hotline you will have a chosen intermediary dedicated to your project, with a perfect knowledge of the applications and of your needs. The reactive engineer team offers technical solutions when needed.

Training and support

Training on site, outside or online, in small groups, with an adapted and personalized content, user guide... Tools that enable each users to acquire a knowledge of the application, and to work autonomously on their projects. Training are led by an adapted team, documentary engineers, their knowledge of the application is at the center of their profession.

High-end hosting

External hosting enables you to enjoy full-web advantages without the management issues: installation, server management and daily data back-up are all handled by our teams who offer solutions and maximized hardware architecture depending on the memory, power and network needed by our application system and by the client context.

Optimum security

The technical team runs daily and weekly incremental back ups on different servers, and provides you with the data to run an internal back up if needed. The application has optimum security thanks to different processes, encrypted passwords or an extremely safe architecture.

Scalable maintenance

The technical team handles a global maintenance, whether it is corrective, preventive, or even under operational conditions. Scalable maintenance guarantees that the application will automatically be updated to the latest version. The research laboratory shares their expertise to enable all users to enjoy the latest advances and the most recent versions of the application.


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